Olive "Project" Acrylic Drop In Bathtub (With Overflow)


OLIVE "PROJECT" drop in acrylic bathtub Prodigg®

Dimensions  Drop-in Bathtub

  • Size 2: 1700*800*490mm 
  • Size 3: 1600*750*490mm 
  • Material: Acrylic with fiber glass and resin
  • Not including drainage system
  • High quality designer bathtub with single rigid shell - Option : LUCITE HIGH QUALITY ACRYLIC
  • Specifications:
  •  Acrylic thickness: 4 mm.
  •  Fiberglass thickness: 2.5 mm.
  •  Weight: 47 kg
  •  Capacity: 260 L
  •  Edge width: 35 mm.
  • Details:
  •  Good back comfort.
  •  With overflow hole.


  • Remarks:
  • - The tapware is not included.
Acrylic baths are your most cost-effective baths meaning they are great for the budget. The material is easy to form into different shapes therefore the range and variety of different baths Prodigg can offer are much wider. Acrylic is highly resistant to scratches and staining. They are very easy to maintain and a great choice for a family bathroom where the bath is regularly used. 
When designing your bathroom, the bathtub seems to be the most important piece. Having a large selection to choose from can make a big difference between a ordinary bathroom and something simply unique. Prodigg have many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Options available in stone, cast iron or acrylic. Shapes include egg shapes, round and rectangular. We use the quality material for all our baths and assure a lifetime of comfort and style. Prodigg Australia's leading Brand of Designer bathubs... With our massive range of Australian Designer Baths. Full range of contemporary, traditional, large and very small Bathtubs. We Deliver Australia Wide. There is no bigger or better-quality range of bathroom Baths in Australia than at Prodigg Bathroom Warehouse.