Oceania solid surface 150-170-185cm freestanding bathtub


Oceania solid surface stone bathtub by Prodigg® 

  • 1500x8000x550mm  (+/- 1%)
  • 1700x850x550mm (+/- 1%)
  • 1850x860x560mm (+/- 1%)
  • Matt Solid surface stone 25mm thickness
  • Integrated overflow and central waste location
  • Packing: (fumigated wood crate)
  • Weight: 150 kg
  • Ideal back comfort with an inclination of 125°

Material information -

  • Durable & maintains a good appearance for years 
  • Keeps bacteria away & is easy to keep clean 
  • Regenerated surface 
  • Environment-friendly 


Prodigg® iStone®  Stone Solid Surface Baths - At prodigg we have been supplying our customers in Australia since 2008 a range of solid stone surface bathtubs and basins manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials - Know the difference before you purchase your Prodigg® iStone® Solid Surface Bathtubs and Common Solid Surface items! 

We are using only the best Solid Surface material on our stone items. Solid surface stone with the raw material being pure acrylic (PMMA - polymathy methacrylate resin). Advanced ISO resins with ATH fillers – this is not Ortho Polyester resins commonly used which is affect the durability & quality commonly used by companies - Limestone raw material -  limestone and high grade resin are cheap and inferior raw material, not exactly solid surface, solid surface the best one comes with PMMA resin (acrylic resin),this is exact solid surface in best condition, with long lasting quality performance like anti-yellowish and dirty resistance. Meaning the stone we use is more durable with a better finish compared to the common composite acrylic that most of the bathtubs in the market are made from. 

So, when purchasing a Stone item make sure it states PMMA resin not just 'high quality resin' as that is just a composite acrylic stone. Not as durable and a cheaper make  - The purchase of a solid surface bathtub is an important investment for a long time, made the choice of the high quality of the product and you will not be disappointed. You deserve the best. Talk to our team specialist to learn more.

  • Packaging | All our  Stone Baths comes fully crated & protected
  • Warranty :5 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.