Cube Solid Surface Stone Shelf (3 Shelves)


  1. Dimensions: L 300 x W 200 x H 875 mm
  2. Weight: 50kg
  3. Material: Solid Surface Stone
    1. Packing Dimensions: L 450 x W 350 x H 1000 mm
    2. Packing Weight: 70kg
      1. Please Note:

        1. - The mounting brackets ARE provided
        2. - High quality finish
        3. - Durable & easy to clean
        4. - Water-resistant & hard-wearing
        5. - Environmentally friendly

          Prodigg® iStone®  Stone Solid Surface Shelves -

          At Prodigg, we have been supplying our customers in Australia (since 2008) a range of solid surface stone products manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials.

          We use only the best Solid Surface material on our stone items - the raw material being pure acrylic (PMMA - Polymathy Methacrylate Resin) and advanced ISO resins with ATH fillers (not Ortho Polyester resins commonly used which affects the durability & quality commonly used by other companies). PMMA has a long lasting quality performance, with an anti-yellow and dirt resistance. This means the stone we use is more durable with a better finish than other composite acrylic products on the market.

          The purchase of a solid surface shower tray is an important investment for your bathroom and you want to make sure you are not disappointed. Talk to our team specialists to learn more.

        7. Our shower shelves come in a range of different colours.
        8. Packaging | All our stone shelves come with strong honeycomb carton box protection