900 Ramp Concrete basin Colour Grey & Black Prodigg rectangular shape


Ramp 900 Concrete Basin

The Ramp is a sloping concrete basin in a water-plane style.

Concrete Studio make these stunning basins regularly for bars and cafes but they also look great in residential bathrooms.

The water drains to a slot at the rear of the ramp, from there it falls to a central waste point that connects to a regular threaded plumbing fitting. You have the option of tap hole(s) if required or pair with wall-mounted taps for a truly sleek look.

It’s easy to make this into a floating concrete sink using one of our wall-mount systems (available separately), alternatively place directly onto a cabinet or legs.

Each piece is handmade in the Concrete Studio workshop in Fremantle, Western Australia. Some variation in finish and colour may occur from those pictured here, this is part of the handmade aesthetic that makes each piece unique.

Made from Concrete Studio lightweight reinforced concrete and fully sealed against liquids and staining.

No resealing or maintenance is required.

The basin has a slot drain along the rear which connects to a standard screw thread waste.
Available in light grey, mid grey, dark grey or black.

Length 900mm
Width 500mm
Depth 80mm or 160mm