2050 Brezza Solid Surface Stone Freestanding Bathtub


    This price includes: 1 x Bath + 1 x Matte White Stone Pop Up Waste + 1 x Overflow Kit

    1. Dimensions: L 2050 x W 880 x H 630 mm
    2. Weight: 175kg
    3. Capacity: 215L
    4. Thickness of the Solid Surface Stone: 25 mm
    5. Shape: Wave
    6. Style: Freestanding
    7. Material: iStone Solid Surface
      1. Packing Dimensions: L 2300 x W 1030 x H 780 mm
      2. Packing Weight: 205kg
        1. Please Note:

          1. - A matte white stone pop up waste IS included
          2. - Comes WITH an overflow hole
          3. - Good back comfort
          4. - High quality finish
          5. - Durable & easy to clean
          6. - Water-resistant & hard-wearing
          7. - Environmentally friendly

            Prodigg® iStone®  Stone Solid Surface Bathtubs -

            At Prodigg, we have been supplying our customers in Australia (since 2008) a range of solid surface stone bathtubs & basins manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials.

            We use only the best Solid Surface material on our stone items - the raw material being pure acrylic (PMMA - Polymathy Methacrylate Resin) and advanced ISO resins with ATH fillers (not Ortho Polyester resins commonly used which affects the durability & quality commonly used by other companies). PMMA has a long lasting quality performance, with an anti-yellow and dirt resistance. This means the stone we use is more durable with a better finish than other composite acrylic bathtubs on the market.

            The purchase of a solid surface bathtub is an important investment and you want to make sure you are not disappointed. Talk to our team specialists to learn more.

          9. Packaging | All our stone bathtubs come fully crated