1300 St Petersbourg Acrylic Claw Foot Bathtub


Current lead time on the bath is approx. 6 months.

This price includes: 1 x Bath + 1 x Chrome Pop Up Waste + 1 x Plastic Overflow Kit + 1 x Set of Adjustable Chrome Aluminium Claw Feet

  1. Dimensions: L 1300 x W 680 x H 810 mm
  2. Weight: 30.5kg
  3. Capacity: 115L
  4. Acrylic Thickness Inside: 3.8mm
  5. Acrylic Thickness Outside: 3.2mm
  6. Resistant Fibreglass Reinforcement: 3-4mm Resin Reinforcement
    1. - High quality finish
    2. - Durable & easy to clean
    3. - Water-resistant & hard-wearing
    4. - Environmentally friendly


Prodigg® Acrylic Bathtubs -

      At Prodigg, we have been supplying our customers a large range of acrylic bathtubs with the highest quality of raw materials all over Australia since 2008. Acrylic bathtubs are your most cost-effective bathtub option, meaning they are great for your budget. The material is easy to mould into different shapes, therefore the range and variety of different acrylic bathtubs Prodigg can offer is much wider. Acrylic is highly resistant to scratches and staining and very easy to maintain, which makes this range a great choice for a family bathroom. When designing your bathroom, the bathtub seems to be the most important piece. Having a large selection to choose from can make a big difference between an ordinary bathroom and something simply unique. At Prodigg, we have many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from and many options available in cast iron, stone, and acrylic. We have round, rectangular and egg shape bathtubs, and use the highest quality material for all our baths to ensure a lifetime of comfort and style is achieved. The purchase of a bathtub is an important investment and you want to make sure you are not disappointed. Talk to our team specialists to learn more.

Packaging | 

    All our acrylic bathtubs come with strong carton box protection