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We are the right partner.

Young, dynamic and innovative, we are ready to assist you in your global purchasing.

Global Presence

We are next to you and next to your production centers… all at the same time.

We are therefore able to offer unmatched levels of both services and control. 

Integrated Services

Our goal is to make international sourcing easier than local purchasing from local suppliers.

This is why we take care of everything throughout the whole process, from supplier selection until product merchandising. 

Market Knowledge

We emphasis about western markets' expectations deeply into our China-based operations.

Our products' style and specifications will match the requirements of your market.


Quality is our number one goal. Our job is to deliver products that are perfect in terms of quality. Our whole organization works towards the goal of sourcing "in full security", which means perfect products, perfect packaging’s, respect of delivery time, respect of commitments... every time, for every container we deliver.

Customer Services

With PRODIGG SOURCING, it is always Yes: this is what we aim at. It is a lot of work, it is not easy, but it is what we strive for. Yes we can find the products you are looking for. Yes we can provide the services you need. Yes we can manage your projects and deliver perfect results.


In global sourcing and more generally in purchasing, integrity is critical. PRODIGG SOURCING expects complete integrity from its people, its suppliers, its partners. Nothing long-term and successful can be built without complete integrity in carrying-out all our activities. Because people do fail, we have strict processes to help ensure this keyword is a reality in our practice.


As a global organization and through our cooperation with clients, suppliers and partners around the world, we bring together people from various fields of life. Mutual respect is not a far away goal to achieve, it is a daily code of conduct we expect from everyone.


Our offer: 

·       We take care of everything on your behalf with our China sourcing office Partner

·       We provide all-in services: supplier search, quality control, merchandising, logistics...

·       We bring you the best of global sourcing opportunities, without the usual difficulties and risks

·       We organize full or mix container shipments

·       We ship FOB China or delivered to your door

·       We are base in Sydney, Australian offices, or directly from our China office partner

·       We offer competitive pricing, as a service fee percentage on top of your orders


This sounds interesting? Contact us now with details about your business and needs 1300 132 514