When designing your bathroom, the bathtub seems to be the most important piece. Having a large selection to choose from can make a big difference between a ordinary bathroom and something simply unique. Prodigg have many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Options available in stone, cast iron and acrylic. Shapes include egg shapes, round and rectangular. Our extensive range includes contemporary, traditional, large and very small Bathtubs. We Deliver Australia Wide. We use only the highest quality materials for all our baths and assure a lifetime of comfort and style.There is no bigger or better-quality range of bathroom Baths in Australia than at Prodigg Bathrooms.

Know the difference before you purchase your Prodigg® items! 

The purchase of a bathtub is an important investment for a long time, make the purchase of a high quality product and you will not be disappointed. Talk to our team specialist to learn more.

Our bathtubs Comes with overflows for Cast iron and most Stone Solid Surface, with a drain popup waste.

Additions |  Choice of finishing Colour on cast iron bathtubs.

Packaging | All our Baths comes with strong protected package, Enamel & Stone fully crated & protected | Acrylics with strong Honeycomb Box



Prodigg® Vanities - At Prodigg we have been supplying a large range of vanities with the highest quality of raw materials all over Australia since 2008. 

It’s important to know the differences of quality before you purchase vanities & other bathroom items. We pride our self on supplying only the best material and finishes with a money back guarantee.

Delivering Australia Wide all our vanities fitted with Blum Soft Closing Mechanisms - the highest quality on Market. 

Pro Tip* When purchasing a vanity item make sure it has BLUM Mechanism. 

The purchase of a bathroom vanity is an important investment and you want it to last a long time. You deserve the best, so talk to our team of specialist to learn more.

Our vanities come in many colours & finishes including MFC-MDF, Stone & PVC composition. They will also include an overflow & a chrome popup waste.

Additions | Optional no tap hole | Special Colour (MOQ) | Special size (MOQ) | Made to order Design ( MOQ) 

Packaging | All our vanities comes fully protected with honeycomb packaging


Tap ware

The Prodigg range of tap ware is sourced from local and overseas suppliers allowing us to offer our discerning buyers the best possible range of bathroom taps, basin mixers, bath spouts and shower mixers at the best price. Our taps feature the latest technology and the most modern European styles. Ranging from the most traditional to contemporary modern designs our taps and mixers all come with Wels and Watermark certifications giving you peace of mind when you purchase. Coupled with a five year warranty you can shop with confidence.



Toilet suites - Toilets can be a tricky bathroom item to choose as each space required very specific measurements or requirements. View our range of Toilets that include Wall faced, closed couple, wall hung, wall faced floor and even bidets to find the right one that suits you. Prodigg use only highest quality Geberit mechanisms or R&T for our toilets to make sure you will have no issues in the future.